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The World's End

Thousands of years ago, the world suffered what is known as the Great Plague event. This cataclysmic event set into motion what many believed would be an extinction level event, but as quickly as the mysterious event occurred, it ended, leaving the world in ruins.

Much of what was once known, is now forgotten. Many common relics of the past are now regarded as artifacts, and while some are now being recreated, the vast majority of the world is still a mystery to how it functioned. Throughout the world, entire cities sit empty of all but the plagueborn, and many fear that they will start amassing for what could be one of the most horrific wars the realm has ever seen. But no one is certain what they are waiting for, or if maybe they simply don't have the intent of war…


The World's End Campaign is a Steampunk realm with heavy overlays of magic and survival. While the world is still recovering from the events that scarred the world, many of the former alliances have begun to fall back into place, leaving the world in a state of tensions as they fear their enemies are building.

Mercenary companies are becoming a staple of the world, as they owe no loyalties to any empire or alliance, allowing them an unprecedented amount of freedom to move between borders and act without fear of having the law or military engage them. However, this freedom comes with the expectation that their power is not abused. Those who do abuse it may find themselves under bounties of those who would see them killed for their medelings.



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